Oh, and I’m a donor.

Oh, and I’m a donor.


Hi, I’m Lexi Rodriguez, a senior art director in New York City. Currently, I’m exploring a new city mostly through the OpenTable app and art museums. My roots are in Los Angeles and my heart is in Manhattan. I grew up in Southern California where I developed a taste for Japanese food and everything strange.

When I’m not behind a laptop, I do stand up comedy and write sets about modern dating and what it’s like to grow up in a very Mexican family. I also enjoy doing figure drawing and collage. And did I mention ramen? 

My latest creative endeavor was taking the director’s chair for the first time. I directed a 360 campaign with a skeleton crew. The project took us to South Africa and Europe documenting artisanal craftsmanship for luxury bathtubs and taps. The project will go live Spring of 2019.

I’m a visual storyteller with a knack for writing. I believe in risk-taking, big-thinking, concept-over-everything creative. 

Say hello.